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Volume Shadow Copy

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Shadow Copy

Shadow Copy - A component of Microsoft Windows

I use Acronis Drive Monitor, (free) which is an advisor which runs a service that monitors my hard drive. Recently the drive started erroring out in the logs with the error indicating the Shadow Copy was stale. I increased the size of the shadow copy using the vssadmin command line tool.

I used the "Vssadmin Resize ShadowStorage" (see below)

Tip:Manage Volume Shadow Copy Service from the Vssadmin Command-Line
You can manage the Volume Shadow Copy service using the Vssadmin command-line tool from an elevated command prompt. You can use this tool to run the following commands:

Vssadmin List Shadows Lists existing volume shadow copies, the time the shadow copy was created, and its location.
Vssadmin List ShadowStorage Lists the volume shadow storage space currently in use, the space that is reserved for future use (labeled as allocated), and the maximum space that might be dedicated. This space is used to store changes while a shadow copy is active. The following sample output was generated using a computer that currently had about 3GB of files stored in a shadow copy, but that might allocate as much as 6.4GB.
Vssadmin List Volumes Lists volumes that are eligible for shadow copies.
Vssadmin List Writers Lists shadow copy writers, which support communicating with the Volume Shadow Copy service to ensure that files are captured in a consistent state. By default, subscribed writers include an operating system writer, a registry writer, a WMI writer, and a search service writer, among others. SQL Server also provides a Volume Shadow Copy writer.
Vssadmin Resize ShadowStorage Resizes Volume Shadow Copy storage. You can use this command to increase the maximum space that might be used by Volume Shadow Copy. Typically, this is unnecessary. However, if you discover that backups are failing on a computer because of an extremely high volume of changes during a backup, and Vssadmin List ShadowStorage reveals that the used Shadow Copy Storage space is at the maximum, you might be able to resolve the problem by manually increasing the maximum size.

 Here are some additional notes on Shadow Copy...

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Shadow Copy (Volume Snapshot Service or Volume Shadow Copy Service or VSS), is a technology included in Microsoft Windows that allows taking manual or automatic backup copies or snapshots of data, even if it has a lock, on a specific volume at a specific point in time over regular intervals. It is implemented as a Windows service called the Volume Shadow Copyservice. A software VSS provider service is also included as part of Windows to be used by Windows applications. Shadow Copy technology requires the file system to be NTFS to be able to create and store shadow copies. Shadow Copies can be created on local and external (removable or network) volumes by any Windows component that uses this technology, such as when creating a scheduled Windows Backup or automatic System Restore point.

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