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Metro Desktop & Start Button

Metro Photo Application and do you want a start button (kinda)?

This debate with Metro Desktop will be like a forum full of Apple fans and MS$ fans going over the assets and liabilities. So far I can tolorate metro desktop but my wife asked me to removed Windows 8  from our common computer upstairs as she  was too  frustrated with trying to deal with the Metro desktop.


Last Updated on Sunday, 22 July 2012 18:00

Samsung Slate 8 - Bitlocker Setup without TPM

Bitlocker Setup without TPM

To use BitLocker on a the Slate 8 without a TPM, you must change the default behavior of the BitLocker setup wizard by using Group Policy editor, or configure BitLocker by using a script. When BitLocker is used without a TPM, the required encryption keys are stored on a USB flash drive that must be presented to unlock the data stored on a volume. On computers and the models of Slate 8 without a compatible TPM chipset, BitLocker can provide encryption, but not the added security of locking keys with the TPM. In this case, the user is required to create a startup key that is stored on a USB flash drive. How does this all work on the Samsung Slate 8? Read on... 

Last Updated on Sunday, 22 July 2012 17:59

Samsung Slate 8 - Missing Driver?

Samsung Windows 8 Missing Driver


Samsung Slate Win 8 is a hit! 

Link to Samsung website outlining some helps when installing Win8 on Samsung Slate...

Last Updated on Sunday, 22 July 2012 16:53

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